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Sade Murphy


Are you ready?
Are you rötlich?
Bist du Rettich?

Are you sure?
Are you Schur?
Bist du geschurt?

Did you like it?
Did you Leiche it?
Warst du Leiche?

Did you want it to happen?
Did you want it to Happen?
Wolltest du einen Happen?

Are you sure you didn't enjoy it?
Are you sure you didn't Engebeute it?
Steht fest du warst nicht enge Beute?

Are you a flirt?
Are you empört?
Bist du empört?

Can't you do anything right?
Can't you do anything Reit?
Kannst du ein Ding reiten?

Was it really rape?
Was it really Rappe?
Hat es wirklich gerappelt?

Are you irresponsible?
Are you ihre sponsern?
Bist du irre, Sponsor?

You invited him in didn't you?
You in weit him in didn't you?
Du warst ihm Weite, ja?

Are you a tease?
Are you a dies?
Bist du Diese?

Would you ever get plastic surgery?
Would you ever get Plastik Sur Jury?
Würdest du sehr gerne Plastik haben?

Have you ever stolen anything?
Have you ever Stollen anything?
Warst du jemals in einem Stollen?

Are you a liar?
Are you a Leier?
Bist du eine Leier?

Do you enjoy pain?
Do you enjoy Pein?
Magst du scheue Pein?

Are you leaving the house like that?
Are you Liebling the house?
Magst du mein Leiblingshaus?

Do you really think you should eat that?
Do you really think you Schutt eat that?
Denkst du an das Schuttessen?

Do you think you're innocent in all this?
Do you think you Reinmöse in all this?
Denkst du mit reiner Möse?

Don't you think it's time you grew up?
Don't you think it's time you Gruppe?
Denkst du Hochzeit ist eine Grube?

Are you too sensitive?
Are you Tugendsdieb?
Hat dich der Tugendsdieb besucht?

Don't you think you're overreacting?
Don't you think you're Ovarial-arterie?
Denkst du mit der Ovarialarterie?

Can you stop being so melodramatic?
Can you stop being Sommer lodert?
Kannst du den lodernden Sommer stoppen?

Can you stop being so needy?
Can you stop being so niedrig?
Kannst du aus der Niedrigkeit klettern?

Do you want to be poor forever?
Do you want to be Porree forever?
Willst du für immer Leaken?

Are you hungry?
Are you Hangrutsch?
Bist du ein Slidingslope?

Are you full yet?
Are you Fülle yet?
Hattest du deine Fülle noch?

Is that desperation I sense?
Is that desperation's Sense?
Erkennst du die späte Sense an?

Are you good at faking it?
Are you good at flecken it?
Bist du ein falscher Fleck?

Do you think you've earned that?
Do you think you Ferne that?
Sind deine Gedanken in der Ferne?

Is someone coming to rescue you?
Is someone coming to Restkuh?
Rettet keiner dich, du Restkuh du?

Do you pity your self?
Do you Pietät your selbst?
Bist du deine Pietät?

Will you ever be the person you want to be?
Will you ever biedere Person you want to be?
Kannst du beide Personen sein?

Are you cruel?
Are you Grölen?
Hörst du Grölen?

Can you protect yourself?
Can you Prostsekte yourself?
Bist du aus Brot und Sekt gemacht?

Isn't it incredible how articulate you're able to be?
Isn't it incredible Hauenartikulieren you're able to be?
Ist dein Artikulieren verhaut und unglaublich?

Can you make it on your own?
Can you Macke it on your own?
Kannst du Macken alleine machen?

Will you be alone forever?
Will you be ein Lohn forever?
Willst du nie deine Löhne heimzahlen?

Can you be in a relationship?
Can you be in a Relationsschiff?
Kannst du in das Rillenschiff steigen?

Are you afraid of your own shadow?
Are you erfreut of your own Schaden?
Wirfst du einen furchtsamen Schatten?

Is anyone allowed to touch you?
Is any one Anlaut to touch you?
Warum vertuschst du deine Laute?

Are you going to hold on to that forever?
Are you going to holt ein to that forever?
Holt deine Vergangenheit dich ein?

Can't you get over it already?
Can't you get Opfer it already?
Kannst du ein wehrloses Opfer sein?

Do you know anything?
Do you know innig Ding?
Bist du ein inniges Ding?

Are you even real?
Are you kiffen real?
Kiffst du zu viel?

Are you functioning?
Are you Funkhonig?
Isst du strahlend Honig?

Are you sick?
Are you Sieg?
Bist du ein sickernder Sieg?

Are you pointless?
Are you meutelos?
Wer lässt die Meute los?

Do you want to die?
Do you want to be die?
Willst du die sein?

Would everyone be better off without you?
Would everyone be better ausgezogen?
Fühlst du dich wie ausgezogen?

Are you more trouble than you're worth?
Are you more Trubel als Wort?
Haben dich deine Worte heimgesucht?

Are you going to cry about it?
Are you going to Kreide about it?
Wieviel Kreide hast du gefressen?

Do they just tolerate you?
Do they just tolle Rate you?
Haben sie dich für einen tollen Preis gehalten?

Are you selfish?
Are you selbst Fisch?
Hast du eine Selbigkeit?

Is your writing frivolous?
Is your Reihe frivol sein?
Wirst du wohl immer rein sein?

Are you a quitter?
Are you a Quitte?
Bist du ein Kitzwidder in Kotzwetter?

Are you powerful?
Are you Bauernsuhle?
Suhlst du dich mit den Bauernhoftieren?

Who is praying for you?
Who is predigen for you?
Wie willst du sie prägen?

Do you want to live?
Do you want to, lieb?
Stimmst du dem Lüften zu?

Do you really believe the worst part is over?
Do you really believe the Wurstparte is over?
Blickst du die Wurst oft offen oder im Ofen an?

Tell the truth: does it hurt?
Tell the Trute: does it Herz?
Trübe trubelige Trute: ruft es Herzschmerz hervor?

Sade Murphy is a poet and artist from Houston, TX living in Bed–Stuy. Sade is the author of Dream Machine (co-im-press, 2014) and self portrait (Birds of Lace, forthcoming). They are an MFA candidate at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and FANZINE's winter guest poetry editor.