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Bree Jo'ann

Nah, I Ain't Finna

Don't obsess, just kindly decline.
Relax your thigh muscles,
you won't need to run.
You can enter a room
without disturbing the mercury.

No one needs to know about
the razor that stays ready
under your tongue.
You can selectively forget
your sharp edges, but!
be aware of the exits.
They won't always flash red.

You have lashed out,
privileged the unworthy
with your glimmering wounds,
treated mediocrity to
your sumptuous rage,
But today, you are serving
"No thank you."

No need to prepare for winter
while the sun melts your goose flesh.
No need to mine the depths
Before the coffers meet the light.

Mary Sue

I read bitch writers and drink black coffee.
I smell like an autumn night.
My impatience flutters, kaleidoscopic.

I look at beauty products in drug stores
and at Whole Foods, pining for structure.
I purchase a perfume that only lasts
for the amount of time it takes
to realize that my skin
won't take me home.

My breath rattles dry in the back of my throat.
Dirt sparkles under my nails.
The roots of my hair are a soft foliage
that assure my fingertips.

I tremble on the rug, watching my baby boy.
He scoots on his belly, bangs toys on the ground.
According to the books, he doesn't understand
the difference between himself and the world.
I imagine myself, forgetting myself.

Concerning The Wall

I am collecting stones to build–
But then–
A wall!
           Already there!
Radiant, radioactive,
I can't look away.
I'm shook.

The wall
Blocks some roads.
I'm sitting at the table
But I can't see certain
    Of the room.
There is a glare.

I am collecting stones.
The Things I want to build
Are numerous
But harmoniously attractive.
I can skip easily between Them.

The wall!
I'm shook.
It emits waves,
Bends the air.
I can barely tell
Where it is,
Reality hides.

The wall.
I am–
Due to its proximity.

I've never been Here,
But I've experienced
This locus.
My breath quickens,
I sink into the couch like I


The crystals glow on the window sill.
The smoke from the incense rises.
It is cold outside, but the sky is
Very blue.

I am trying to learn ways
To treat myself more effectively
So that I don't feel like treating myself
So often.

I lay on my belly in the sunlight
Reading short stories about selfish women.
I love books about
Selfish women.

I pay two bills online
So I feel responsible.
Maybe eventually, I will fold
Some clothes.

I don't need too many metaphors
But the ones that I need must be

You can't kill Bree Jo'ann, she's a rad wytch. She writes, draws and lives with her husband and son in Indianapolis, IN. She plays with robots and makes memes with teens for a living at the Indianapolis Public Library. Her book, Black Glitter, was published by Monster House Press. If you want a copy, email her at Find her on Twitter @how2baradwytch.